Fantasy Hoops: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

First of all, let me thank everyone for joining the league last week, making it the most successful of the season.

That being said, it was your response to the new format that allowed us to up the prize totals yet again. This week, we'll be playing for a total pot of $3,500. That's a cool G more than we offered last week.

As always, scoring higher than I do will win you the $10 entry fee back. Good luck with that.

Only those that register through will be eligible for the Beat the Expert prize, so make sure you CLICK HERE to properly sign up.

I am also bringing back the "Tim Kitzrow Picks of the Week." I decided to do away with them last week, hoping that would give me a better chance. However, after much debate (with myself), I've decided to bring them back. They're just too fun...

Tim Kitzrow Picks of the Week

Bobcats at Hawks
Ice Cold: Boris Diaw ($6,600)
Heating Up: Marvin Williams ($5,400)
On Fire: Josh Smith ($7,800)

Knicks at Nets
Ice Cold: Devin Harris ($6,800)
Heating Up: Timofey Mozgov ($4,000)
On Fire: Amar'e Stoudemire ($9,800)

Sixers at Timberwolves
Ice Cold: Michael Beasley ($7,800)
Heating Up: Lou Williams ($6,300) and Elton Brand ($7,800)
On Fire: Kevin Love ($9,400)

Spurs at Wizards
Ice Cold: John Wall ($7,300)
Heating Up: Tony Parker ($7,400)
On Fire: Nick Young ($6,900)

Mavericks at Rockets
Ice Cold: Dirk Nowitzki ($8,400)
Heating Up: Jose Juan Barea ($5,300)
On Fire: Jason Terry ($6,700)

Pacers at Bucks
Ice Cold: Ersan Ilyasova ($6,500)
Heating Up: Brandon Jennings ($5,800)
On Fire: Roy Hibbert ($7,000)

Thunder at Kings
Ice Cold: Carl Landry ($6,100)
Heating Up: Jeff Green ($6,700) and DeMarcus Cousins ($7,100)
On Fire: Tyreke Evans ($7,700)

In other news, I would like to bid farewell to Jerry Sloan. He had been coaching the Jazz nearly as long as I've been alive, and I never thought I would see him go. He was, by far, the longest-tenured coach in major American professional sports. If the rumors are true, and it was rift between he and superstar Deron Williams that ultimately lead to his resignation, then that is a sad statement on what David Stern has done to the NBA. I could rip on the star-focused NBA for 10,000 words, but isn't it more likely that Jeff Lurie forced Sloan out so Andy Reid could inch closed to becoming the coach with the longest tenure?

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