Fantasy Hoops: Let's up the stakes

For those of you that have stuck around, you will be rewarded tonight.

We are going to offer the biggest prize of the season tonight. In fact, we are offering more in prizes tonight than we have the whole rest of the season combined.

How much, you ask?

How does $2,500 sound?

Not only that, but we will be returning to our Beat the Expert format. That means that if you beat my score (philly_sports) you will automatically win back your $10 entry fee.

Since you are playing directly against me, I can't offer my picks this week. Especially with the stakes so high, I need to keep all the advantages I can.

There is a cap of 275 players, and the league is filling up quickly. Make sure to sign up soon to gauratee a spot. And remember, you can always edit you team up until the first game starts at 7 p.m.

Just CLICK HERE to sign up, and take a chance at winning some serious cash. I promise you, if my performances are anything like they've been lately, you have a good chance at winning your $10 entry fee back.

Here is a look at how the payoffs will work:

Entry fee: $10.00

1st: $650.00
2nd: $400.00
3rd: $275.00
4th: $200.00
5th: $150.00
6th: $100.00
7th: $100.00
8th: $75.00
9th: $75.00
10th: $55.00
11th: $55.00
12th: $55.00
13th: $40.00
14th: $40.00
15th: $40.00
16th: $40.00
17th: $30.00
18th: $30.00
19th: $30.00
20th: $30.00
21st: $30.00