Fan celebrates drink-slappingly good catch by Shane Victorino


  • A man was so excited to see Shane Victorino make a diving catch last night that he waved his arms like a lunatic, regardless of any solid object currently occupying space nearby.



  • Through the right lens, any team can look good. For instance, if you were to play the Houston Astros on a Wednesday, you’d be playing MLB’s leader in batting average.
  • Days before kickoff, Chip Kelly decides no one has adapted to his offense well enough and makes a drastic decision.
  • There’s almost zero chance you need convincing of this, but check out Why the Eagles Suck just in case the reasons you’ve been screaming at people aren’t the right ones.
  • There is an extended trailer for Gravity now, but it reveals precious little about what happens and still just pretty much makes you massively uncomfortable and horrified.
  • Joe Girardi is hoping, despite his well-documented farewell tour and endless gifts lavished upon him, that Mariano Rivera foregoes all these “retirement” shenanigans and just comes back. Which would be fine, as long as we set some terms.