Ex-Rutgers head coach Mike Rice coaching 12-year-old girls AAU team

Being fired from a Division I collegiate men's basketball team for both verbally and physically assaulting players on the team should affect a coach's ability to continue his trade. But if you are disgraced ex-Rutgers head coach Mike Rice, you just keep your gig: coaching 12-year-old AAU girls basketball.

The founder of hoopscritic.com, Brian Geltzeiler, reported Sunday that Rice held coaching positions at Rutgers and the 7th grade AAU team simultaneously.

After bring fired by Rutgers for his questionable actions, his behavior apparently hasn't changed at his girls' games.

Geltzeiler tweeted that Rice is "as crazy as ever yelling" and "still acting like a mad man" on the sidelines.

There you have it, another strange twist to the Mike Rice saga.

Should Rice's firing from Rutgers affect his ability to coach 12-year-old girls? The answer isn't as simple as you think, surprisingly.

(h/t Deadspin)