Everybody feels real bad for Adrian Peterson


Another Super Bowl without AP. The Vikings running back with the unstoppable legs and unkillable body is widely considered the best in the NFL, and perhaps the generation. But he's yet to stomp on other team's defenders' chests in a roman numeral'd contest.

ESPN recently surveyed 320 players in the NFL anonymously, asking a variety of questions, none of which more telling than "Who would you most like to see in the Super Bowl who's never been there?" 18% of the those asked said Peterson, out of 88 names receiving at least one vote (Tony Gonzalez was second).

Michael Vick finished fifth in the voting with 3.4%.

It was a bit cruel for ESPN to ask for a comment from the jilted running back, who responded kindly, while undoubtedly stifling the urge to shed a tear or blast through anybody. At least he can look forward to a fate more kind than the Metrodome's.