Eli Manning bulldozing toward fourth quarter interception record

+ Thursday Night Football! That midweek spectacle that allows us just a taste of Sunday's unmitigated action, breaking up the days so that - oh. It's just Eli Manningface and the Giants.

All right. Well. Bring on the ridiculous stats that come with being such an awful team.

Hey, there they are.

+ This was Eli's third 'Eli Manning' of the evening.

[gifd sports]

And this was the summation of his season.

+ The mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey is blaming Eli's downfall on his affiliation with her opponent in an upcoming election. Which makes sense, if you don't care.

+ NBA hopeful Renaldo Balkman may have won over Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, not because of his superior play, but because he's got tattoos on his eyelids

“You know he's got a high pain tolerance if he's got tattoos on his eyelids," Carlisle said. 

So, look out, Dallas Mavericks. Apparently this year holds in store for you a tattoos-on-your-eyelids level of physical pain.

+ The American League's Atlanta Braves, the Oakland A's, have once more been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, this time by the Tigers, who sent Justin Verlander out there to throw eight innings of two-hit ball. 

+ A writer for the Toronto Star has said that some nights, the Raptors' mascot eating security guards is the only thing to look forward to. 

Not this year.

+ The god-awful Steelers aren't just going to tank the rest of the year like their counterparts in god-awfulness, the Giants - they're going to make this winless-in-Week-Six thing work. First step - no more games in the locker room. Next step - ???