Eagles add to Philly sports promo menu

Don't be this kid. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

We've clutched our tickets in sweaty palms as the Sixers approached 100 points at a home game, already tasting the free Big Macs.

Our fingers have hovered anxiously over keyboards, waiting input that sweet, sweet promo code into the Papa John's web site after the Phillies win and score six runs.

And both teams were health-conscious enough to lose and/or not score enough to keep us from becoming morbidly obese. Fortunately, the Eagles can follow suit. And judging by the predictions, they'll be just as health-conscious as their predecessors.

The Eagles are now offering the fairly less calorie-ridden complimentary food item of coffee from Dunkin Donuts following any Eagles win. And you don't even need a ticket or a promo code or a computer really to make use of it. The team has announced that all you need is the Dunkin Donuts mobile app, and that free 14 oz. hot coffee or 24 oz. iced coffee is all yours.

So now all the Eagles have to win, which they seem to be expected to do at least seven or eight times in the coming weeks.