ESPN really nails Cardinals' delayed plane coverage

This is what a plane taking off looks like, which the Cardinals' plane was not doing last night. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, file)

Some stories are deemed so meaningless, they slip through the mainstream news networks. But what about the little guy? What about the story that barely exists and serves no purpose? Does that not too deserve a home?

ESPN flexed its muscles last night while covering #cardsplaneproblems for the St. Louis Cardinals. As the team waited to take off for Boston for Game 6 of the World Series Wednesday night, they were horrified to discover there were what mechanics called "mechanical issues" with the plane.

As Cardinals starter Michael Wacha described a scene of total chaos:

"Everyone is just watching movies," Wacha said of the delay. "They've got dinner on here for us and stuff. Everyone is just walking around. Nobody is in a bad mood or anything like that. The attitude is pretty good."

ESPN even managed to get a hold of Red Sox slugger/only hitter David Ortiz, who was not on the plane and had nothing to do with it, for his thoughts.

"When I have a delay on a flight, I don't get mad. We don't play around with that. Hopefully they get here safe," he said.

Without the Worldwide Leader's coverage, we wouldn't know things like whether the Cardinals had dinner, or what David Ortiz does when his flight his delayed. Next up, ESPN is bring us a presumably half-assed breakdown of what could be wrong with the plane from their business correspondent who everyone hates.