ESPN doing some new kind of Tebow thing, now

- Sports Center started doing a Tim Tebow/Trent Dilfer thing, and it was just about as massively unappealing as that sounds.

- Meanwhile, ESPN 2 was not to be topped during the BCS Championship.

- The BCS was tackling its own bit of drama: Would this guy win $50,000

Would this tiger solve the city's crime problem?

And would Jameis Winston ever be tackled again?!?

- None of which was enough drama for Ricky Bottalico.

- Yes, the world is about to get Jake Taylor and Roger Dorn and Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn and Wille Mayes-Hayes baseball cards, because sometimes, the world is okay.

- Bryce Harper wants to fight YOU, batting practice baseball! And he will do it wearing his champions' belt.

- Larry King was riding the PED pony last night, and in his drugged-up state, with biceps pulsating, he took to Twitter to demand answers.

- The Sixers were surrounded and devoured by Timberwolves last night, by a Sixersly 31-point margin, keeping them right on track.

- Do you like NSFW fan meltdowns? Good, that's what we're closing with today. This guys starts the clip with his shirt on and ends it with another. How? Let's watch!