Dwight Howard has made super secret decision

Dwight Howard talks to reporters in El Segundo, Calif., Tuesday, April 30, 2013. The Lakes lost their first-round NBA basketball playoff series to the San Antonio Spurs. (Damian Dovarganes/AP file)

Dwight Howard will be stretching his time as the Center of the Universe a bit longer, having made his decision as to where he will play next - but not revealing what it is, or when he will tell anyone.

It's almost like he may not have made it at all, and just enjoys the attention. But that's ridiculous; he's a grown human, not a petulant child.

Unlike Lebron's decision, Dwight has no TV special lined up. He'll just be dangling his decision above the rest of the league until mentioning it on Twitter, some day at some time, like an adult.

In other news, I should remind you that there are plenty of other things to do instead of feed Dwight Howard the attention he craves. For instance, you could cook up a whole grain turkey pizza.