Duke fans not short on luck

Duke fans have arrived at the WFC. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

It’s a balmy 35 degrees out there, but for Duke fans making the trek to the Wells Fargo Center, it’s no sweat.  Especially when they’re only coming from Lansdale, PA.

Thus was the case with Amy, donned in a Blue Devil dangle hat, and Ed, in a hoodie and a pair of presumably ineffective shorts.

“This is perfect,” Ed said, clearly unaware of his leg hair bristling in the frigid breeze.  “I’ve been counting down the days since they did the drawing; I was checking all the different brackets, who was going where, and Duke just happened to come here.  It was great.  If they were a one seed, we wouldn’t have gotten to see them.  We lucked out.”

“For once, Duke catches a break,” I replied. 

Ed gave me an unappreciative grin.  “Yeah.”

Amy used to teach down in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, making lifelong fans out of both of them.

“Let’s hope it’s not a repeat of last year,” she recalled, shaking her head to fend off the trauma.

“Losing to Lehigh was horrible,” Ed agreed.  But he’s got high hopes for this year, despite any difficulties the Blue Devils could face.

“When you have Kyrie Irving, here a year, gone a year; last year it was Austin Rivers, here a year, gone a year; it kills you,” he explained.  “That’s the tough part of Duke, you get the big name guys, but are they gonna stay the whole time like Miles Plumlee?”

“I think they’re as good as their next game.  They’re a #1 team when Kelly’s there.  As long as he plays healthy, they’re good to go.  This is probably one of their better teams.”

“They gel well together when they’re on target,” Amy concurred.

“Should be a good tournament,” Ed concluded.  His shorts were even less of a concern, even after a second blast of mid-March came blistering through us.

“I love this weather,” he said, stoic in the face of early spring fury.  “I went to school in Vermont.  Cold weather is nothing to me.”