Just your typical Duke/NY Giants/Lakers fans

A girl decked out in Albany gear, a spiked purple and gold mohawk and war paint on her face, was examining her tickets with a friend. Across the way, two guys pounding concessions without mercy called out something decidedly anti-Albany.

"Yeah? Who you here for?!" she called back.

He unzipped his jacket, revealing a bright blue "D."

"Oh sure, he's scared, he's gotta hide it," she quipped and took off down the corridor.

Sean and Adam aren't quiet about who they're here to support. In fact, there may not be a more un-Philadelphian duo in the Wells Fargo Center today.

Adam waves off any academic relationship with Duke University. "No no no no no," he says. "Just fans."

What's so appealing about Duke that makes them fans? "Being on top," he says, mouth full of hot dog. "We're better."

Along with a "passion" for the Blue Devils, the two are season ticket holders for the New York Giants, and admit to the bright yellow stigma of Lakers fandom as well. I took a deep breath and asked the unthinkable.


"Nah," Adam replied.  "I don't watch baseball."

"Duke is a very popular college team," Sean jumped in, playing the good cop. "So it's not so much that we're going to watch the tournament, it's being able to go and watch the tournament and be able to say 'I saw Duke.' Right? It's a little more meaningful than going to see a team that maybe is not so famous."

Sean nodded, satisfied with his explanation.

"We've been to Eagles and Giants games so this ain't nothing," Adam continued, gesturing toward where the Albany mohawk had gone. "We were actually gonna wear our Giants jerseys here."

Sean's head sunk a bit, reality sinking in. "We're lowlives."