Donovan McNabb rips Matthew Stafford's new deal

Donovan McNabb. (Matt Rourke/AP file photo)

Apparently Eagles Vikings Redskins retired quarterback Donovan McNabb doesn't think any quarterback should get a big payday.

In March, McNabb ripped the new deal signed by Cowboys QB Tony Romo, saying Romo wasn't worth the money.

Now, McNabb has an issue with the Lions and the five-year, $76.5 million deal signed by Matthew Stafford.

Here are his comments on NFL Network, via

“It’s about wins and losses again. Now, as a quarterback and as Matt Stafford, hey, I would take that contract just like Tony Romo took his contract. But is he worth top 5 money? I would have to say no. And I say that because it’s about wins and losses. What has he really done for the Detroit Lions? Nothing.”

Sure, the Lions haven't been great since Stafford was selected No.1 overall in the 2009 draft, but they're certainly better since before his arrival.

McNabb may also be forgetting that he signed a 12-year, $115 million contract after the 2001 season. Sure, his record was better than Stafford's, but injuries have hampered the Lions' passer.

Here's a look at how their numbers compare before they signed their first deal after their rookie contracts expired: