Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb calls the read-option 'a fad'

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who will have his No. 5 jersey retired by the Birds on Thursday night, was quite candid when asked about the read-option.

“To me, it’s just a fad,” McNabb told’s Reuben Frank.

The style has become the latest trend in the National Football League. Under new head coach Chip Kelly, the Eagles have incorporated a dimension of the read-option into their mostly no-huddle offense.

As Frank points out, even former Eagles coach Andy Reid, who tends to run a West Coast offense, integrates some option plays with his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Still, McNabb is not a fan. 

“I enjoyed the West Coast offense, I enjoyed the no-huddle and two-minute drill we ran, but I’m not trying to run 90 plays in a game,” McNabb said Wednesday night.

Here is more from Frank:

The Eagles ran 77 plays in a Week 1 win over the Redskins but only 58 in their loss to the Chargers Sunday.

Their 63 points through two games are third-most in the NFL so far, and their 477 yards are second-most.

“I tip my hat off to what they’ve been doing the first two weeks, but there comes a time if you’re up by 14, up by 21, maybe with about 11, 10 minutes to go, it’s time to go into a mode where you’re trying eat up some clock,” McNabb said.

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