Domonic Brown says he knows Philly loves him

Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown made some enemies in Philadelphia this week after posting a picture of himself at the Eagles-Cowboys game with a Dallas jersey on. He made things worse by tweeting "Philly doesn't love me" to one of his followers.

On Tuesday, the all-star went on 97.5 The Fanatic to let Philadelphia know he meant no disrespect and did not mean anything by his comment.

"I love the city. I know the Philly fans love me," the 26-year-old said. "I was just having fun on Twitter."

Brown, a lifelong Cowboys fan, admitted he knew the tweet would anger some fans but "didn’t think the whole city was gonna go nuts" on him. 

"That’s the Philly love, though. That’s the reason why I love the city, because the fans are so passionate about their sports," Brown said to hosts Jon Marks and Sean Brace. 

"On a serious note, I know the Philly fans love me ... I had a standing ovation my first at-bat. I know how much the fans love me and they mean a lot to me as well."

Brown went on to explain that he has friends on the Eagles, dropping Brandon Boykins' name. Just don't expect him to be a Birds fan anytime soon.

"I grew up a Cowboys fan. They’re like family towards me," Brown said. "I’m not changing my NFL team over because I play in Philadelphia."

Phillies reliever Mike Adams was also at Sunday's game, and in Brown's picture, wearing what seems to be a Cowboys shirt. Adams, unlike Brown, hasn't received any flak from fans.

Maybe that's because he didn't advertise it on social media. Or maybe it's because he is from Texas. Or maybe it's because not many people know what he looks like.

Listen to Brown's full interview on 97.5 by clicking here