Dom Brown reveals terrible secret

+ I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that no matter how likely it seems, a guy’s favorite football team does not affect his OPS.

+ Mondays. They’re the worst. But look at this gorgeous weather! And hey – look over there. Is that a dog scoring a goal with its head? You betcha.

Ah ha ha ha. Delightful.

+ Here is an article by Red Smith Award-winner Mitch Albom which makes use of the phrases, "Kids today..." and "Back then..." and "In my day..." giving him the 'cliched curmudgeon trifecta.' Also, the article is about twerking, so this one's really worth existing.

+ Eli Manning’s mom brought him a Capri Sun and rented him a couple of video games to make him feel better after last night’s game.

Meanwhile, on the opposite sideline,

+ Peyton outlined his plan to top his own performance next week.

+ Yes, they’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

+ Mike Trout can’t even get out of the on deck circle without showcasing his superhero reflexes. Kind of reminded me of the infamous “Joe Mauer no-look backhand.”

+ Now get out there and enjoy this weather, people.