Dodgers unleash frozen beer foam product to the chagrin of warm beer enthusiasts

You're sitting at the 'ol ballpark, working up the nerve to buy a $9 beer.


  • Want it
  • Could catch foul ball in beer, look sweet chugging it


  • Costs 9$
  • Costs more than beer you actually like
  • Requires leaving seat
  • Forgot to bring cash
  • Will just get flat and luke warm in 12 minutes
  • Want it
But if the 'ol ballpark you're sitting is Dodger Stadium, you can take one of those cons off the list, mister. Because Chavez Ravine now features frozen beer foam, a creamy, delicious-looking product that sits on top of your beer and keeps it cold for you during baseball's most intense moments, like the ninth inning, or your decision-making process for buying a second beer.

It's made in a margarita machine.

Sometimes, baseball is about more than drug scandals and Yankees-Red Sox. Sometimes, it's about best friends and less reasons to not drink.