Dodgers go swimming in the Diamondbacks' feelings

The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate their 7-6 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks in a baseball game, Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013, in Phoenix. The Dodgers clinched the N.L. West title. (AP Photo/Matt York)

There was no celebration for Arizona this year, as there was no division title or Wild Card berth. All the Diamondbacks have this year is outrage.

Usually, the Snakes celebrate playoff entry with a dip in the outfield pool at Chase Field. But since they were not the team to clinch the NL West this season, they didn't get to do that. The Dodgers, who happened to clinch on the road in Arizona, did.

So, they headed out to the pool to be sure their initial celebrations did not go unwitnessed by the grumbling Diamondbacks fans and empty seats surrounding them.

Now, granted, if this had happened in Philadelphia - assuming we *somehow* convinced them to install a pool at CBP and there wasn't anybody's barf in it yet - I would be upset. But it's important to remember, which we never do/will, that in a few hours, it's not going to matter anymore, and you'll feel fine.

A few hours after the Dodgers danced in the pool, however, Arizona media was shifting gears.

And thus began the laziest outrage the game has seen yet this year.

First up was Diamondbacks "player" Willie Bloomquist, who was the first to vocalize his feelings. Brandon McCarthy was next, but he used far more rational behavior and was therefore ignored.

Naturally, the journalists were bringing their A material.

And obviously Senator John McCain wasn't going to sit this one out.

Nothing proves which side of an argument is more ridiculous than Skip Bayless' opinion.

Lastly, here's a the one-two punch - a video news report from AZ Central ("Arizona's home page").

“No offense to any Dodgers fans out there,” 12 News' Mark Curtis began his broadcast, probably without the knowledge that it would soon be under a headline reading 'The Dodgers are idiots.' "Fans here are not happy about it at all."

They then cut to “the fans” in question – a small group of children and a guy who left the game before the Dodgers were even in the pool.

"Outrage, Mark," correspondent Joe Dana replied. "That's the best way to describe it, they are angry."

The furious children suggested giving the Dodgers wedgies.