Djokovic likely displeases advertising gods at Adidas with mid-match shoe change

Noted Adidas spokesman and wearer of Adidas shoes Novak Djokovic made a change that took him to the Wimbledone semifinals.

"Barricade is the best tennis shoe in the world, in my opinion," Djokovic says in the above ad, as he plays tennis with intensity, goofs off with friends, and in general embodies the #brand that Adidas was going for when they asked for his advocation.

Somewhere along the line, Barricade and Adidas must have slipped a bit. Djokovic, known for his unnatural ability to change direction and slide as if returning a volley on a frozen lake, found himself on the ground a lot yesterday and in danger of being eliminated by Marin Cilic. But he pulled out the victory, thanks to a quick intermission early on.

Adidas: You might want to bring a back-up pair.