Denver bar has underwear-related message about Tom Brady

- A bar in Denver has something to tell you, Tom Brady!

And what did Broncos' star quarterback Peyton Manning have to say about the Patriots? Nothing, except that their coach is the "greatest NFL coach of all time."

Ha ha, take that, Patriots! Wait.

- Meanwhile, John Elway doesn't think Peyton Manning, beloved football legend and advocate of most available products on the market, doesn't get enough credit. Poor Peyton.

- Last night was one of those games in which the Heat get blown out for no reason, and this time their blower-outers were the Wizards. Though we did we Greg Oden's first NBA points since 2009, in the form of a sweet dunk.

And the Wizards did their best to demoralize the away fans.

This was the Heat's third straight loss, so you know what that means - new narrative tiiiiiiimmmee! 

- It's being said that MLB's new play reviews won't include that baseball play in which the second baseman doesn't tag second base during a double play but the runner is out anyway.

- Everyone is very proud of Pablo Sandoval.

- Forthcoming: The slickest move I've ever seen in a hockey game.

- Alex Rodriguez antagonizer and perfect game thrower and wily grandmother-haver and fader away-er into obscurity Dallas Braden is calling it quits from baseball, days after A-Rod's ban. Concidence?! Yes. 

But even now, he "basks" in his career's greatest accomplishment; getting headlines for yelling at A-Rod.

- Ryan Tannehill's girlfriend's terrifying plans for the weekend must have been sidetracked when she left her bag in a taxi.