Dawkins to emcee McNabb/Reid event

+ I don’t want to blow anybody’s minds, but a recent poll indicated the amount of affection Eagles fans have for both Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb, and apparently, it is not a very large amount. Fortunately, former Eagle and Philadelphia area license-to-kill carrier Brian Dawkins will be around to tame the boos.

Anytime the anti-McNabb sentiments reach too vocal a level, Dawkins will scamper around in trademark fashion until everyone forgets what's going on.

+ Giancarlo Stanton revolutionized baseball last night with a home run off Ethan Martin that traveled further than the Phillies do for the rest of the season.

+ The Diamondbacks’ Adam Eaton completed baseball’s most fun-looking out in history.

+ Rick Reilly wrote a very bad column, touching the continuously prevalent issue of the Redskins’ name, in which he attempts to get cute by drawing a parallel between changing a football team’s name and Native Americans being forced to live on reservations.

+ “…I don’t know, I say baseball requires more brains.”

“No way, man! It takes way more brawn!”

Did somebody say Braun?

[Studio audience goes wild]

+ You know who Arnold Palmer would love to get some advice on putting from is that Kate Upton.

+ Philly Mag’s Dan McQuade mapped out Rocky’s running route from Rocky II, and let’s just say it’s far, far more intense than anything you’ve seen uploaded from Mapy My Run.