David Price offers free holiday travel advice to all you ladies out there

- David Price has some presumptious  holiday traveling advice for all you ladies out there.

- That RGIII groin kick yesterday deserves another go-around, but this time, with Street Fighter effects.

- With all this groin-kicking going around, you've got to wonder, should RGIII even be in there? The answer is "no," says one of his opponents.

- The Packers and Lions are once again one of your Thanksgiving day games, so how perfect is the timing of Green Bay linebacker Josh Sitton's comment that the Lions are "scumbags?"

- So check out what Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch did with this turkey the SCUMBAG.

- Ryan Braun made his first appearance since the suspension that ended his 2013 season and forever branded him a HUMAN MONSTER.

- Huzzah! Cobb County will be funding $300 million of the Braves' new $672 million stadium, and taxpayers couldn't be waving signs any more angrily.

- The Braves' $300 million thing worked so well, the Nationals have hatched their own scheme - and they only want part of a stadium. Which Washington D.C. is not going to pay.