David Ortiz gives inspiring in-game speech you only see in movies

+ In the World Series, David Ortiz inspired the Red Sox to win Game 4, 4-2, after a rousing mid-game speech in the dugout, leading to all sorts of ridiculous sound bytes and forced narratives.

+ The Matt Barkley Era continued on Sunday with the questionable play calling that has defined it thus far.

+ Meanwhile, Megatron continued to force the question to other receivers, "Why even bother?"

+ But if you're talking about the Cowboys-Lions game, nobody was more jubilant, or frantic, or panicking because he knew if he took too long something awful would just sort of happen to the Lions, than Matthew Stafford.

+ Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was stricken with what he called "good passion" throughout the one-point loss to the Lions at home, which can be seen here, because you probably want to see that, whatever it is. 

+ A football coach whose team came out on the winning side of a 91-0 victory was cleared of bullying charges, put upon him by a parent of an opposing player.

+ The Spurs threw a Halloween party!

+ Good news for the Sixers; they're only 19th in alley-oops over the past two years. Which isn't even in the bottom ten! Congrats, guys.

+ Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver found reason to disagree with the refs yesterday, and he did so with great vigor - to the point that mere words could not support his fury.

This led to FOX analyst and former NFL referee Mike Pereira literally tattling on him to the league, which somehow, Raiders fans did not appreciate, even after Pereira explained himself.