Cubs reveal sad, possibly stoned new mascot

- The Cubs revealed their first ever mascot, a small bear who appears sad or scared.

Then he made his first public appearance and proved he was just a normal, totally stoned bear.

- Deion Sanders has threatened to suit up and play in the Pro Bowl, which at first may sound surprising, until you remember that the Pro Bowl is slightly less dangerous than co-hosting six hours of pregame coverage.

- You know what, guys? I think Delmon Young is going to be just fine.

- People sure don't like Tom Brady, but you know what? Joe Namath kind of gets it.

- Robert Griffin III hasn't reached the part of his career where he doesn't respond to peole on Facebook.

- Florida Seminole fans got visit with the BCS trophy and tell it how much they love it. Then Florida went back to being Florida. Actually, it probably didn't stop.

- Carmelo Anthony forgot the Knicks played again tomorrow and somebody else forgot to bleep him out.