Crosby takes puck to the face; Isles fans cheer

Crosby got hit in the face with the puck last night. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Last night on Long Island, everybody's favorite Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby got hit in the face by a puck off the stick of his teammate Kris Letang.

Much to the delight of the Islanders fans in attendance, Sid the Kid immediately collapsed onto the ice and was serenaded with the near-ubiquitous "Crosby sucks!" chant as he was helped off the ice and into the dressing room by a trainer. 

Crosby would get the last laugh though as the injury wasn't even severe enough to keep him out of the game until the end of the period. 

The good people at SB Nation posted this video of the incident. As a service to our regular commenters, allow me to save you some time by preemptively saying "If this happened in Philly, the national media would be all over us!" so you don't have to.