Cricket fan makes incredible one-handed grab

If this were about baseball, the title would be "The Greatest Foul Ball Catch Ever". But it didn't happen at a baseball game. It happened at a cricket match in Australia. As such, I'm not really sure how to describe exactly what happens.

What I do know, is that 16-year-old Peter Sterling was returning to his seat at the Adelade Oval in Australia when Austrailian National Team batsman Brad Haddin hit a six into the stands. Sterling, undeterred by the drink and two cheeseburgers in his hands, stretched out and snagged the ball on the fly. If it weren't for the indecipherable cricket jargon that I totally had to Google, this would have been on SportsCenter's top plays. 

Turns out that Peter Sterling isn't just any old reptile, (as the color, excuse me, colour commentator called him) rather a highly-ranked Australian Rules Football prospect who just so happened to be at the Oval on an off-day. But with skills like that, I'd suggest the 198 centimeter (that's 6'6" to us here in the 'States) grab a glove and give baseball a shot. I know a certain National League team that could use a good outfielder...

Video via The Big Lead: