Cliff Lee tops trade target leaderboard for starting pitchers

Cliff Lee. (Michael Perez/AP file)

Baseball is a deceptive game, filled with numbers and lies so dense it's easy to see how it became representative of our entire country.

Ruben Amaro has stated publicly that he has no intention of trading Cliff Lee or Jonathan Papelbon, and that he has no problem lying to everyone in order to improve the situation surrounding a potential trade. So when he makes dramatic, sweeping statements that seem to defy logic, they might very well be a blatant falsehood.

Despite the words that come out of his mouth, Amaro may very well end up trading anybody on the roster. And according to Fangraphs' table of most likely trade candidates among starting pitchers, Cliff Lee is all but gone.

Sitting at number one, Cliff's K/9, HR/9, WAR, and other stats on a bad team are far too pretty for contenders to ignore. 

But there's more good news! The Phillies, one of the NL East's two best teams, are statistically likely to trade their beloved shortstop and second baseman as well, who have been on the team for a combined 23 years.

According to the reliever trade candidate chart, Papelbon is only the 13th most likely bullpen arm to be traded.


Granted, this all comes with an asterisk or two, as making sense statistically and being completed in reality are two very different things.

But seeing as this is the work of Tim Dierkes who, aside from Fangraphs, runs a site called MLB Trade Rumors, it's probably as close to a glimpse into the future as we can get.