Clearly everything riding on Canada-America hockey game

- With the women tragically eliminated, it's up to the U.S. men to shut Canada the hell up.

- For this reason, today's mandatory dress code is being enforced. Another good move is refusing to sell Canadian beer at your bar during the game.

- Already, though, Canada's attempts at trash talk have been confused and sad and definitely not made up.

- Aww, what happened to curling? You can't have both, Canada.

- Elsewhere, the snow in Sochi seems to be fighting back.

- That’s one keen looking new Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo, guys. Way to shake things up.

- Just think. If not for this story, Philadelphia would be a town with an in-city rivalry between its two baseball teams, and that would, um. Be… good?

- ESPN was pretty blown away by the fact that Kobe Bryant has a friend.

- If there's anything people want to feel, it's "bad for the Duke Blue Devils."

- Wil Meyers of the Rays gave a unique look into a Spring Training workout by giving us the perspective of a young ball player with a camera strapped to his head.

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