Chipper Jones still bitter about Braves not catching his ceremonial first pitch

If you remember correctly, the MLB playoffs this past year were a story of young, rambunctious teams having fun and the older, boring, joyless jerks who chastised them for it.

The Braves were part of the latter, endlessly exemplifying their crappy attitudes with narrative after narrative involving the unwritten rules or Brian McCann's feelings being hurt. One such instance included Braves legend Chipper Jones being dissed by the entire team for predicting that the Dodgers would win the NLDS, which they did.

So pathetic were the Braves following Chipper's harmless prediction that they refused to catch his ceremonial first pitch before a game of the NLDS. Now, with former Braves pitcher Tim Hudson - who caught the ceremonial first pitch of the guy who did wind up throwing it out, Bobby Cox - being signed by the Giants, Chipper took to Twitter to bring up an issue that, while stupid, has been dead for weeks.

Chipper then went on to describe himself as "butthurt" and accidentally called Hudson "Kim."