Chip Kelly finally gets to take the offense for a drive

A lot has been written over the last few months about Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense, and if he'll be able to replicate his Oregon success in the NFL. We'll see, but for the time being, its nice for the Eagles to be talked about nationally for things other than racial slurs or battery-weilding fans.

To me, the big question isn't if Kelly's schemes will work in an NFL where defenses have been effectively neutered - the league seems perfectly suited to his style of play. The issue that looms largest to me is if Michael Vick can remain healthy and run Chip's uptempo offense without turning the ball over six times a game.

One person not concerned with Chip's offense is Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who said the team's base defense is ready to stay on the field "all day, against everything."

That's a lot of confidence, considering in 2012 his squad ranked 28th in overall defense, 30th against the pass and 31st in overall touchdowns allowed.

It'll be interesting to see how first-round pick Lane Johnson handles two-time Pro Bowler Brian Orakpo, who's coming off a pectoral injury that sidelined him most of last season.

So I hope Chip's offense is everything it's been hyped as - I'd love to have an excuse to draw the Mach 5 more often.