Charlie Sheen goes on post game stumble around PNC Park

+ Michael Keaton was rooting for the Buccos at last night's tiebreaker between the Reds and Pirates in Pittsburgh, forcing the Reds to counteract his famousness with a celebrity fan of their own!

Wow, Charlie Sheen! He's that guy everyone used to assume lived his life exactly the way it turns out that he lives it! Wonder how he's doing!

Oh come now, you can't just be making assumptions about


+ Probably want to keep Charlie Sheen out of this room.

+ Cal Ripken says he isn't not interested in managing the Nationals next year, which means that he is already doing it. 

+ Michael Jordan says he could take LeBron one-on-one in a game that will never happen. In another hypothetical fantasy, Jordan says Kobe Bryant might be able to take him because he stole all of his moves. In another news, there's an alternate universe out there where all of basketball's greatest players are playing each other non stop.

+ You know what, you guys always find a way to make this about New York.

+ The Cubs fired Dale Sveum, and suddenly, their next manager was Joe Girardi, whose contract with the Yankees is due for retweaking. He's the only option; it's not about whether they should, it's how soon they can

In response to this, the Cubs are considering Padres front office guy A.J. Hinch.  

+ The Flyers finished their last practice before the NHL season with an eerily silent shootout.

+ Ah, it's the old "Gehlen Catholic reverse-being-tackled" manuever. Classic Gehlen Catholic. Classic.