Charles Barkley has the best reaction after cursing on live TV

Charles Barkley reaction to cursing while on the air during TNT's "Inside the NBA" Thursday night.

Charles Barkley has a reputation for saying what’s on his mind. But Thursday night, he went a bit too far while talking about the poor play of the New York Knicks on TNT's Inside the NBA

While highlights of the Knicks 119-104 loss to the Cavaliers were playing in the background, Barkley used what the Associated Press described as “a synonym for excrement” while describing the Knicks’ play.

“I was talking to Spike Lee All-Star Weekend, he’s dying to get kicked out of the Garden. He don’t want to watch this s—,” Barkley said.


Barkley immediately apologized to co-host Ernie Johnson as Shaquille O’Neal laughed at the former Sixers great’s foul mouth.

“FCC, send me the bill on that one,” O’Neal joked.

TNT’s cameras caught Barkley’s hilarious reaction to his unfortunate slip of the tongue.