Phillies on the right side of C.B. Bucknor's vision problems

+ C.B. Bucknor called this an out. He nodded his head and anything.

The crime Bucknor must have witnessed Bud Selig performing just keeps getting theoretically worse.

+ Brian McCann decided to assert himself last night after Carlos Gomez dawdled watching a home run made the Braves not make the playoffs anymore. The Braves took turns shouting undoubtedly clever insults at Gomez as he circled the bases, and then McCann made the completely rational choice to forbid him from stepping on the plate.

+ Do you like Breaking Bad?  Of course you do, that’s what you watch when you’re not reading sports web sites. Then you’ll be able to get your Aaron Paul fix in the upcoming movie he stars in based on a car racing video game. What? The whole cast can’t all get fake six picture deals to be Lex Luthor.

+ The Cowboys are the best team in the NFC East right now, but what you have to remember is that the NFC East is the most god-awful division in football, and also, Dallas has been covered in a thick layer of billions of spiders.

+ If the Red Sox have a World Series run in them, the hardest part will be getting there. Once they play National League teams, the competition seems to get a little softer.

The Phillies scored 12 of those 54. Over four games. Of course, Cole Hamels would have killed for run support that visible tonight, or most nights before it.

+ Here’s a story about high school bullying that doesn’t end tragically, for once. After hearing his football team was responsible for most of Union High School’s cyber bullying, as well as skipping class and verbally abusing teachers, a coach took some initiative and suspended all of them, everyone, from football. They performed community service instead.

+ This is the last scene of a Disney movie about a soccer team of misfits that resorts to guile and trickery to beat the big, bad black-uniformed team coached by Eric Roberts in the ultimate championship.