Cardinals ruin another feel-good team's year

+ Hooray, everyone, the Cardinals are in the playoffs. Again.

And David Freese was the hero, again. What a night. Fortunately, Pirates fans have had 20 years to prepare for these feelings.

+ But not only are the Cardinals constantly ruining everyone’s season with a clichéd, uninteresting NLCS appearance, they’re now trying to usurp the Athletics’ role as the “scrappy, Moneyball” team. The Cardinals:  Getting what they don’t have from an ever-shortening list.

+ Either Bartolo Colon has withered slightly or the Athletics are indeed going with local preteen Sonny Gray to start their decisive Game 5 against the Tigers.

+ Whoever comes out from the A's-Tigers NLDS, they'll have to take on the Red Sox and a recently groin-balled David Ortiz.


+ “I don’t know why you guys are so hell-bent on timelines,” Kobe Bryant said about a group of people whose jobs are to write things even when there’s nothing to write about.

+ There’s something familiar about the way Geno Smith is getting treated by the New York media.

[c/o eli0010]

+ Daniel Radcliffe’s fantasy team is in trouble after Julio Jones went down, which has of course led experts to wonder how this is a thing people are talking about, which presumably, they are not.

+ Happy birthday, Chris Pronger. Here you are in the Stanley Cup Finals with a two-fer from your Greatest Hits collection.