New FreeD replay video comes to the NFL

New FreeD video replays will blow you away, and they are coming to the NFL this season, according to a report from

FreeD technology works when "multiple cameras combine their images to form a three-dimensional, photo-realistic real-time scene. The rendering only takes about 30 seconds, and it allows viewers to watch instant replays in slow-motion from almost every angle."

According to the report, "Japanese broadcasting company NHK pioneered the use of bullet time rigs, but NBC recently announced plans to use their own setup on Sunday Night Football games this season — beginning Sept. 8, when the Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants in Week 1."

"Each side of both end zones will be outfitted with NBC’s 12-camera rigs...AT&T Stadium is the only NFL stadium with the rigs at this point, but every team will get them soon."