Browns owner Jimmy Haslam speaks on former CEO Joe Banner

Jimmy Haslam did it again. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote on the tangled web of chaos that became the Browns' front office yesterday. Owner Jimmy Haslam canned former Eagles president and now former Browns CEO Joe Banner, as well as GM Mike Lombardi, in another of Cleveland's countless front office purges.

King takes the Browns to task, after speaking with Haslam, illustrating the situation in Cleveland as just the mess it seems to be:

To call the Browns a circus would be an insult to circuses.

“Well,’’ Haslam told The MMQB by phone, “there’s no training manual for being an NFL owner. There’s a steep learning curve to do it the right way, and I admit we didn’t get it right at first. But I am determined to do it right, and to get the right people in place.

“In my business career, most of the mistakes I’ve made come from not moving quickly enough when you know there’s a tough decision to be made. The easy thing to do here would be to stay doing what you’re doing, even when you feel like you need to change course.’’

Banner's replacement, Ray Farmer, is now stepping into the unenviable position of fixing the Browns in a timely enough fashion to keep his job. Which, at the rate of door-swinging in Cleveland, is impossible.

" many times can you pull the cleaning-house rabbit out of the hat? Browns fans are numb to the mayhem by now. It’s hard to imagine why the fans would have hope for a team in perpetual transition, but it’s Cleveland, and it’s football, and there are three draft picks in the top 35 to fantasize over. Farmer, as a rookie GM, has a huge draft on his hands in just three months.

Assuming Farmer is still the general manager in three months."