Broncos do exactly what everyone expected them to do to Eagles

Last night, the Eagles were routed, rolled, torched, blown out, crushed, and all the other verbs that made Chip Kelly’s face go like this:

We did see the debut of Knowshon Moreno’s “Rock-paper-scissors” touchdown celebration, so the night was obviously not a complete waste of time.


+ Losing his seventh game of the last 11, starting the season 0-2 in the PAC, Lane Kiffin was already having a rough day. Then he got fired. In the parking lot.

+ Sunday’s best day was had by the Marlins – yes, ‘Marlins,’ and yes, ‘best’ – As young pitcher Alvarez no-hit the Tigers. Unfortunately, Tigers pitching no-runned the Marlins, and the teams were deadlocked in quiet, inane baseball until the bottom of the ninth, when Giancarlo Stanton scored on a wild pitch, and Alvarez saw his no-hitter completed with the other team’s pitcher on the mound.

Baseball is a… silly game.

+ London was going to be very impressed when a pair of winless American sports teams came to town to show them why our “football” is the right one. Instead, they saw the Vikings beat the Steelers, 24-17. Ben Roethlisberger called the Steelers the “worst team in the league.”

So, get interested in the NFL, Europe!

+ Also, c’mon now, Ben. Eli is trying his best.


+ Besides, if Roethlisberger or Manning’s teams were that bad, they’d probably just be asking their quarterback to not stand on the sidelines anymore, please. You’re bringing everybody down.

+ The Phillies completed a gross, pulpy, messy season yesterday with a 5-0 7-4 10-4 12-5 undressing by the Braves, who managed to play an entire nine inning baseball game without an emotional breakdown.

+ Alex Gordon took a weird route on a deep fly ball that everyone, from the broadcasters to the fireworks technicians, thought was gone. It was not. But it would not have been surprising to learn that baseball rules state that technically the fireworks guys have absolute power.

+ Now, you get a view of life from an NHL ref's perspective, without the direct threats on your life.