Brian Westbrook learns about Breaking Bad

Well, instead of making tasteless jokes about concussions, maybe let's try to HELP Mr. Westbrook, in case Breaking Bad is a show that he would really enjoy.

The majority of what you'll hear about Breaking Bad is this, though you should take the time to sit down and watch an episode or 30 or 40 or oh my god is that really what time it is I can't believe I forgot to pick the kids up again.

That way, you can form your own opinions of its tightly wound narrative, without getting dragged down to he fanatics' level and screamed at about how it's so funny that lead actor Bryan Cranston was once Jerry's dentist on Seinfeld (WE KNOW).

Being available on Netflix instant, of course, you can wind up watching so much Breaking Bad - a show about a high school science teacher who, after a cancer diagnosis, turns to cooking meth to take care of his family, and therefore the show has a lot of characters who are drug addicts - that you start feeling bombed out and depleted, as if you've been inside all day doing hard drugs.

Try to avoid this. You will not succeed, but try.

Oh, also the teacher's brother in law is a DEA agent. Uh oh!

It also taps into the "anti-hero" appeal that people love now; in which the "hero" is actually sort of a bad guy who may not be as easily redeemed as Prince Charming. Is there a movie where Prince Charming makes meth in an RV? If there is, it's more like that.

Anyways, it's pretty good, and a lot of people enjoy it. You might, too. Have fun!