Brian McCann eliminated from playoffs the right way

The Braves are the first team in the LDS to suffer elimination.

Posting some grotesque offensive numbers throughout their series with the Dodgers, you can see why they considered themselves so 'special,' namely Baseball Sheriff Brian McCann, who went a lawful 0-for-13 and potentially ended his Braves career wearing a golden sombrero.

But he did it the right way - kicking and screaming the whole time.


+ The Dodgers celebrated by destroying a TBS camera.


+ Meanwhile, Ben Zobrist hit two balls into the catwalks at Tropicana Field, a facility long-lamented for having catwalks low enough for players to hit the ball into them. 

It's actually a decent place to watch a playoff game, if you don't mind missing out on what's happening on half of the field.

+ One thing that they're saying about the Eagles-Giants game is that the Giants have hit rock bottom so enthusiastically that a New York strip club is opting not to show their games anymore because they were bringing people down.

+ Slate has a United Sports of America map, linking each U.S. state with a different sport. Pennsylvania got... field hockey. "There are more high school field hockey players in the Keystone Stone than anywhere else," they explain. Little League baseball was the runner-up.

+ The Jaguars have reached the point that having their stats read back to them sounds like an insult.

+ Please keep your arms and legs behind the fen--