Brian Hoyer probably scares Michael Vick away from sliding forever

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is treated on the sidelines after an injury to his right knee in the first quarter of an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013, in Cleveland. Brandon Weeden took over as Hoyer was taken to the locker room. (AP Photo/David Richard)

Among complaints about Michael Vick this season: Please, please, please. Slide.

Vick loves to run, but not only that, he has taken to using his body as a proejctile, hurling himself into tacklers like a blocker and in general putting his somewhat fragile body at risk.

As usual, fans have been reminded of his propensity to not slide and avoid a bone-rattling tackle. Vick probably wasn't going to suddenly come around to sliding any time soon, but the Browns' Brian Hoyer and his ripped ACL on Thursday night probably did not help convince him that it would prevent injury.

Don't watch this.

In the same game, the Bills' quarterback, E.J. Manuel, suffered his own knee injury while scrambling down the sideline after being unable to find a receiver, and he wasn't even sliding.

So the evidence is kind of going both ways here.