Blue Jays CEO says Halladay won't sign

Toronto pitcher Roy Halladay will not sign a contract extension with the Blue Jays, according to the team's CEO. (AP Photo)

For those of you still harboring hope that the Phillies will go all in this offseason and trade for a certain Blue Jays pitcher, we bring you some news courtesy of the New York Post.

It seems Roy Halladay may be inching ever-closer to the door in Toronto.

Blue Jays CEO Paul Beeston told the Post on Friday that Halladay is determined to trade in his Toronto digs for a more promising locale, and indicated that the team will not be able to sign their ace to a contract extension.

"We would like to sign him, he is an original Blue Jay and we have never had a pitcher as good as him," Beeston told the Post. "But he is not inclined to sign with us."

The Blue Jays, until now, had not publicly ruled out the possibility of re-signing Halladay -- although they have made it abundantly clear that he is on the trading block.

With no hope of retaining Halladay when he becomes a free agent after the 2010 season, the Blue Jays have no alternative but to deal him -- either during the offseason or before the trade deadline. As the Post story points out, very few teams have both the prospects and the cash to pull off such a trade.

The Yankees are expected to ease into the trade talks as the offseason progresses, according to the Post.