Billy Beane reveals nightmare scenario for baseball traditionalists

You all thought Billy Beane would go away, didn't you? You thought he'd feed on that Oscar nomination for a while before accidentally inserting himself into an algorithm and disappearing forever.

No, Beane is still out there in Oakland, making the playoffs, not winning the World Series, and making bold claims about the future of nerds in the sport to Jonak Keri:

“There will be an IT coach at some point” in the dugout, crunching numbers in real time and sitting right next to the manager... It would be an extra coach, and [MLB] is pretty strict — we aren’t even allowed walkie-talkies... But I believe at some point this will happen. There’s too much data that’s available not to want to use it.”

--Billy Beane, via Jonah Keri

The IT department leaves the front office and sits in the dugout? Guys with calculators during the games?! UNUSED DATA?!

The game is headed in a pro-Beane direction, according to Beane. His predictions, and the fact that somebody just bought a supercomputer to do the job of the coach he just described, are potential glimpse into the future. A future where the Larry Bowa's of the world are joined by Scott Freedman's and are forced to get along, and maybe get an apartment together.

Maybe one of them's messy and the other one is, like, really neat or something.