Baseball's instant replay experiment goes horribly right

Baseball's decades-long love affair with the human element hit the rocks this past week, as the Arizona Fall League experimented with an instant replay system that would allow for more calls to be the right ones.

The AFL, where select prospects are sent by their teams to further develop in the offseason, has turned into the laboratory for baseball to conduct their insane experiments. Much was made after it was announced that five games would be tested with instant replay, and none of them ended with demons clawing out of the infield dirt and dragging playes and coaches to hell as they screamed.

- The most challenges in one game was seven (four were upheld). The least was zero.

- 80% of the challenges were upheld.

- The aspects challenged were catch/trap, safe/out, missed base, base touch, and hit by pitch/foul.

- All of the umpires remained humans, did not report being killed/replaced by robot versions of themselves.

- Computers, cameras used failed to become sentient at any point.

We can look forward to an official decision coming soon*.

*Summer 2027