Baseball returns to Montreal

I always wondered what happened to Vlad Guerrero. (AP/La Presse, Andr Pichette)

...misleading headlines will read, now that we have this news:

The Blue Jays' spring training will include a pair of games against the Mets next season in the abandoned confines of Montreal's Olympic Stadium. The event will be similar to the Phillies' recent tradition of a two-game preseason series at Citizens Bank Park, just before the season starts, only in a stadium where pro ball hasn't been played since 2004.

Grassroots movements to bring back the Expos do exist, but have failed to get any series traction as of yet (Though 1,000 Expos fans showed up at a Blue Jays game in late July).

The games are an increased effort by the Jays to assimilate all of Canada's baseball fans into their fold, looking to squash the Expo rebellion before it can get off the ground.