At least one pitcher still fears the Phillies' lineup

You might say the Phillies' offense has downgraded slightly since its heyday in the potent 2007-11 years. There are not likely too many hurlers who still fear Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins as they used to. 

But in a chat on Twitter, Mets pitcher Bobby Parnell admitted that some of his most stressful moments still come from red pinstripes.

In 30 games against the Phillies, usually in relief, Parnell has given up 28 hits, 14 runs, and five home runs. So they haven't exactly torched him. You have to split things up to get to the root of his fears.

In 2009, he threw 10.1 innings against the Phillies, giving up nine hits, seven runs, and three home runs. In an inning and a third in 2010, his vs. Phillies ERA climbed to 33.75 after he gave up five runs on five hits.