Astro gets face full of Brandon Phillips

+ It’s almost as if the AP knew what was going to happen before anybody else, and mounted a camera in the perfect position to catch the Brewers’ walk-off suicide squeeze.

+ But that’s nothing compared to wherever this camera was to catch Jonathan Villar trying to steal second and getting a faceful of Brandon Phillips.

+ The Onion had to get this one up pretty quick before it became the actual news.

+ Hey, how about a quick Andrew Bynum update? I wonder what part of the NBA season he’ll miss in its entirety next!

+ Rambo, Indiana Jones, Blade, The Transporter, and Mel Gibson are all on board to appear in Expendables 3, blah, blah blah. There just seems like there’s still a name missing from this group of classic action stars – ah! That’s it. Frasier Crane.

Former NFL receiver Brandon Lloyd is still waiting for his phone call.

+ C’mon people, get it together.

+ Everyone needs to start paying more attention to what Mike Trout is doing. I know Miguel Cabrera is fun and all, and Bryce Harper has brain problems, but Mike Trout has more WAR than several entire teams.

+ Teenagers: Still with very little perspective as to how "other people's stuff" works.

+ Finally, let's all enjoy this A-Rod home run call from Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling, on what, at the last second, tricked him and turned out to be a fly ball out.