10 apps that will make your game day

Be the fan you've always wanted to be! (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

“Please, put the phone down,” your family begs you. After all, you did drag them to this live sporting event.

But they don’t understand! There are all these sweet apps for just this occasion; apps so great, they can adequately replace the love of a family. Let’s see them put the phone down when they’ve got apps like these.


No more will the accusations fly that you have “literally no idea where you’re going.” HopStop has given you the directions (available for over 300 cities!), transit schedules, and calculated cab costs you need to get somewhere, so you won’t even have to gawk at the fare and ask your preteen child if they have any cash on them. Again.

A View From My Seat

There’s very little you’re able to discern about your seats at the stadium, other than that they are colored a rather affordable shade of blue, and identified by the highest numbers on the seating chart. What if this is one of those facilities with seats directly behind pillars or in the bathroom? With A View from my Seat, you’re able to get a first person glance at the angle, height, and perspective from where you’ll be viewing the action. Some stadiums can even improve on this, like the 49ers, who have an app that will tell you where the shortest beer line is.


Your family’s going to have to eat some time, and they are all too familiar with your “stadium food costs more than our house” joke, accurate and hilarious as it may be. So you’ll need to find a restaurant nearby that accommodates you and your brood. Yelp has the perfect app for this, charting your location, the nearest eateries, and sorting them by cuisine, proximity, and popularity. Plus, if you’re bored, or want to pretend to be on your phone while your family tries to talk to you, you can read the reviews written by the kind of people who take time out of their day to write Yelp reviews!

Parking Panda

Apparently, there’s some sort of law against leaving your car by the third base gate with your flashers on for two and a half hours. Even when you explain you’re seconds away from missing the ceremonial first pitch, parking officials and increasingly irritated police officers just won’t let common sense prevail. That’s why there’s Parking Panda, an app that allows you to reserve a space ahead of time, while simultaneously pandering to your kids with a fun mascot so they can learn how fun parking a car is!

The Score

Here you are at this sporting event, but what about all those other  sporting events you’re not currently attending. My god, there could be dozens of games coming down to the wire, and you’re sitting here in this single stadium like an idiot, instead of in ten different places like a true sports fan! Enter The Score, an app that will ring, rattle, and buzz your phone as often as you’d like with updates on however many games you’d prefer, all while potentially driving those around you insane. That’s all right, though – you’ve gotten pretty good at covering your phone’s noise with some loud, intense coughing.


But now, here you are at home. You couldn’t afford tickets this time, because your family demanded “groceries” this week. Some true fans they are. At least you got the cable fixed in time for the game, and the house to yourself. Come to think of it, you’ve had the house to yourself all week. Huh.

Well, no matter. You’ve got some great apps for watching the game at home, too.


First off, you’re going to need some food. Who watches sports without food these days? Suckers, that’s who! Also, healthy people. But you’re a sports fan! Your live isn’t dictated by “rules!” Well, except the rules of sports.

GrubHub is the best, as it can get you the type of food you’re jonesing for, from the nearest possible dispensary. Is that the chicken place where you’re not welcome anymore for getting a little too “vocal” with the delivery guy? No matter; GrubHub will list local options, sorted however you’d like – geographic convenience, customer rating, and others.

Brewski Me

You’re not in college anymore. You drink your beer out of glasses or bottles, not cans or keg hoses. You’re a classy gent about town, who happens to be spending this particular Sunday afternoon indoors by yourself with a television. That doesn’t mean your tastes are staying in as well. And you’re not so sure about this beer in your hand.

That’s where Brewski Me comes in; simply equip the app, enter the beer you’re drinking, and the app links to your Twitter account to let everyone know what craft beer you’re into. Then, just sit back and wait for the notifications of how cool you are.

Angry Birds Star Wars III

Ah geeze, these commercials. Every kickoff, possession change, injury timeout, normal timeout, TV timeout, whatever, and hundreds of companies are pummeling you with obnoxious catch phrases and oppressive pandering in order to get you to buy their stuff. It’s starting to feel like you’re constantly one wide receivers' shattered femur away from being held prisoner by advertisers!

Fortunately, you can mute the TV and entertain yourself with a game in between commercial breaks. Angry Birds Star Wars III is a solid go-to, but there are others available like Infinity Blade III, all updated to run on the latest iteration of your phone.

Watch ESPN

Yes, you might be currently watching ESPN, but the Watch ESPN app allows for simultaneous viewing of any ESPN networks. ESPN? ESPN 2? The possibilities are endless, as along as the start with the letter "E." And are followed by "SPN." That summer you spent in Spain? Now it finally pays off because you can watch ESPN Deportes on your phone.

You're a busy guy on Sunday, and you can't be bothered to keep changing channels. Stay up to date on the goings on going on outside of your field of vision.

Yahoo! Fantasy sports

You know, they say fantasy sports and real sports couldn't be more different. But you're all too familiar with the sense of intense panic and fear that professional athletes must feel on a daily basis. What if you forget your starting fantasy QB has a bye week? Did you ever find a replacement for Reggie Wayne? And how are you losing to the guy who drafred three kickers?

These and other mysteries can be solved with the sharpened, responsive Yahoo! Fantasy sports app, keeping you updated on injuries, scores, and everything else that deeply influences how escstatically or inconsolably furious you will spend your Sunday.