Andy Reid is happy, does dance

+ Hey, Andy Reid! The Chiefs are 7-0! What are you gonna do about it?!


+ Peyton Manning returned to Indianapolis to stick it to Colts owner Jim Irsay for his pithy remarks all week and oooh noooo it’s not going well.

Manning threw an interception, fumbled, and got sacked four times in a 39-33 loss, confirming Irsay was right to let him go, something I’m sure he will reiterate when the Broncos are on the way to the Super Bowl.

But what could Peyton do? The Colts brought the thunder, from the potent offense to the kicker’s tackling.

+ In lower caliber quarterback news, Nick Foles earned himself a brilliant new nickname on Sunday.

+ Ah, life imitating art imitating a cemetary full of former Philadelphia coaches.

+ The Lakers and Clipper shares the Staples Center. Former Sixer and current Laker Nick Young thinks that Doc Rivers needs to “earn” the right to put up Clippers banners over the Lakers banners on nights when the Clippers play. Doc Rivers has won multiple NBA championships, “but none here,” Young explains. Nick Young has not won any NBA championships anywhere.