Andrew Bynum returns to Philadelphia a hero

+ Hey, Andrew Bynum is coming back Friday night to play the Sixers, so that'll be a fun narrative thing. Are we going to boo or damn who has the energy for this kind of thing anymore.

+ It was an important night last night when baseball stepped into the same century as pretty much every other sport.

+ I remember being so naturally athletic in high school that I could be surrounded by opposing defenders several different times on the same play and not being tackled. I think we can all remember that sort of totally normal thing.

+ Bobby Valentine continues his poor judgment streak by putting his Christmas tree up already I mean what?

+ The Phillies are going to sign somebody, here, at some point… any moment… but Fangraphs can explain who they should not sign. Three of the five listed are people experts have listed as probably being signed. By the Phillies.

+ Oh my god, the Seahawks are using weird Twitter bots to talk about how great the Seahawks are.

+ Do you hate Mike Piazza? You would have loved this Ben Stiller movie that never happened, called Go to Hell, Mike Piazza. It would have played great with its chief demographic, the crowd at Veterans Stadium between Mike Piazza at-bats.

+ It is now okay to steal the helmets off NHL players’ heads, but only if they’re in the penalty box, and you are drunk enough to do something like that.