Andrew Bynum not willing to bet 'explosiveness' will return to his game

Andrew Bynum will not be exploding anymore. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Andrew Bynum dropped jaws this season when he put on a basketball uniform and played what is legally defined as basketball for an NBA team. 

Sadly, that team was the Cavaliers, not the Sixers, and despite his appearance, Bynum is still recovering from some admittedly monstrous knee issues that, boy, sure would have been nice to know about a little earlier.

Nonetheless, he's a Cavalier now, and the 3-1 Michael Carter-Williams Era is in full swing. Besides, according to one Andrew Bynum expert, the "explosiveness" the former Lakers and "Sixers" center displayed as a younger man may never return, no matter how many games he doesn't suit up.

"The explosiveness he once enjoyed with the Los Angeles Lakers is gone, and there's a good chance no amount of rehab will bring it back.

“'I don't think it's going to come back,' he said Monday prior to the Cavs' game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. 'It makes you have to rely more on footwork and skills versus athleticism.'"

-- James Herbert, SB Nation

This is bad news for the Cavs, who were really banking on Andrew Bynum's patented knee explosions to grab a playoff spot.